Friday, December 21, 2007

open thread friday

i want to ask that anyone who hasn't yet- please sign the petition calling for cheney's impeachment here and please pass it on to folks you know. the more support we have- the better chance we have for some retribution.

oh- and please read the article i posted below- about e waste. please.

ah- the friday before cmas. sigh. i was talking to my friend over email and i was saying how i am not feeling anything akin to 'christmas spirit' this year. i grudgingly baked cookies and fudge to send out and i have zero desire to make more. usually, it's my claim to fame. oh- that and the fudge. i was watching modern marvels on the history channel last night- christmas tech- and i think the breakdown went like this- 28% have live tree; 35% have fake tree and 37% have no tree- here in america. i found it interesting. i have no idea what a year will bring and truth be told- 2008 is not a year i am looking forward to. my mom's health is in a bad way- and i honestly doubt she will be here next cmas. i hope i am wrong. we have been estranged from my father for years but his health is poor too- so it is quite possible that i will be an orphan next year. economy here and around the world is shaky- so who knows where i will be financially? can't predict. i think peace is too much to hope for- but the spados will be on their corner on tuesday for their weekly peace vigil. probably only be the two of them- but their hope for peace (on what is supposed to be christianity's most holy day) is inspiring. so- this weekend is the wrapping up (pun intended) of the obligatory cmas with friends and neighbors- and then we are in the home stretch. we'll do cmas eve and day with my fam- and over the phone with the in-laws. then- we're done. we don't do new year celebrations.

anything you would do differently next year? or any memories or traditions to share? or talk amongst yourselves for now. i am sure there will be more later :)


proudprogressive said...

Next yr i am re directing my energies into healhier relationships. I am gonna take better care of my own self. Gonna pay EVEN more attention to the political goings on with an open mind - to see how we can best effect change within this system we are emersed in. I am gonna LEARN more,history for context. gonna try to be less "knee jerk" and more thoughtful. In short be the change i want to see.

betmo you have a lot weighing on you at this time. You do much for others and care so deeply about our world. You and me, a bunch of us really, need to allow ourselves that time to recharge our batteries. A wize friend told me, "you cannot help a person fix a flat tire, if you have a flat yourself" - meaning its great to care and i will never stop of course, BUT we all have to make sure to be "self ish " in a healthy way.

I have no xmas traditions. (which i am glad about actually, such a non conformist am i) The seasons and the Soltice the EARTH, walking in harmony. Recycling , reusing - and a garden in the spring.

love ya betmo !

jmsjoin said...

Even with the chief idiot life is as good as you make it not Bush or anyone else. It's not your experiences it is what you do with them and what you let them do to you. Chin up and have a Great Xmas!

Larry said...

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking."

Earl Wilson