Wednesday, December 12, 2007


i have held in my thoughts on religion and christianity pretty well- for me- i think since 'the season' started. i have not gone off on a tear about how ridiculous, hypocritical and self serving christianity is- or how they usurped and absorbed the various pagan religions into one big holiday season that is the corporatocracy's wet dream- christmas. one of the many reasons i don't buy into christianity is- well, i read history and history tells me that the ancient roman powers that be decided that jesus was born in december- and hey- isn't that when saturnalia and the winter solstice celebrations take place? coincidence? hmmmmm........ so- i will be goddamned if i celebrate someone's birthday that 1) isn't any different a person than you and i and 2) hell, it probably isn't his birthday- and how the hell will we ever know? and why should i buy all sorts of gifts for folks whose birthday it isn't either? does that make any sense? no- well, neither does christmas. so- happy winter solstice- and enjoy the baked goods and other assorted foods i make to give away- to celebrate life and light in the darkest part of winter. really.

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landsker said...

Happy solistice to you too.
Eight more days, and then the nights get shorter, and the sun rises from the Southern sky and towards another summer, the birds and plants know it, the oceans know it, the human race knows it.
Eight more days, and just a few more days after that, all the tinsel and flashing lights will be gone.