Monday, December 10, 2007

monday, monday

ahhh.... the jump start to the rest of the week. is it me or does one slide into the other? perhaps it's because i am approaching what is affectionately known as 'middle age' that time seems to race by. when i was a kid, i always wanted to be older- cooler (well, i got the older right :) when i hit my 20's i knew then that i wanted it to slow down. sigh. time stands still for no one. so- here i am on a monday morning in december sipping my morning coffee as i am wont to do every morning- wondering what the hell i am going to do with myself. i know- everyone has a rough patch now and again- but there isn't anything i would rather be doing. the overwhelming short sightedness and stupidity and small mindedness and greed of politics just sucks the life right out of me. i cannot wrap my mind around the complete self centeredness of what these greedy, grasping pricks have done and continue to do to my country and planet. without a quiver of conscience. and it sucks my soul away. the fact that there are people in this country and on this planet who look at other human beings as less than for a variety of reasons- baffles me. standing by helplessly looking on because the thinkers among us know what we have to do but won't lead us to do it- saddens me. speaking out is good. telling the truth and dragging it out into the light against their will- is good. but again- what do we do with that truth? piling truth upon truth against their lies only buries us or makes our burden heavier. how are we going to use the truth? and why are we still continuing to play nice? why are we still holding out hope that those 'people' we elected to represent our interests will? are we cowards? do we not have the stomach for what must happen? will we continue to lie in the fetal position and whimper about how our rights were taken away and we can't assemble? people. please. i would be on the front lines but i won't put myself out there with me and 3 other people. i am not going to risk my life and my family's because i know that if and when push comes to shove- the people in this country would push me under the bus and run. my one hope is that someone in the next generation- if the planet holds out that long- will have the balls and the ovaries- to stand up and do what needs doing. they just might have the courage. the courage to get their heads out of their asses and recognize that you can't fight tyranny with a corrupt court system and a police state run by said tyranny. 'when in the course of human events...'


proudprogressive said...

ok my answer to what the hell am i gonna do with myself is this - show love and support to any individual that needs it. It could be you betmo dear. And by the way Sirens never looked better. I love that i have an auto icon there and a really cool one. I love that you guys have incorporated more writers. I love that you visit my blog. Yes i get into those patches. Small random acts of kindness is my cure if one can call it that. And second a pat on the back, a bravo , a good on ya, which is what i am sending out to you now. For your love , your caring politics, your openness. Sometimes we may forget how much our just being out politically as the people we are really does help others. So while one may not be able to measure it - remember courage injected into the discourse goes further than you might think. You have certainly helped and empowered me - so there - happy monday. And thank you and everyone for the KINDNESS. We are not alone.

hugz - pp

jmsjoin said...

Good story Betmo
I have to laugh! I never gave it a thought until recently and i keep wondering how everyone got so old! Now I forgot what the story was about so I have to go back and look at it again!

jmsjoin said...

I think some will never have what it takes. Those that do will never tire or stop though I believe the decider has too much power to abuse and he will. He will not stop this nightmare for anything but keep on smiling, relax, take care, and enjoy that coffee... Okay I'll shut up!

Spadoman said...

Middle age. Hmmmm, conjurs some thought. Middle means half way. So, you're gonna die in as many years as you've been alive? Do you declare middle age? Or is it a specified age.

Mid life crisis happens to some in their 40's and 50's. At least that's when we can afford to buy our Harley Davidson motorcycles. That's also when the plumbing usually goes to hell, so why go out and try to score a mistress when yo have nothing to offer? That's in the case of the men. The women see it differently I'm sure and since I have passed Middle Age, I have the wisdom not to tread on this subject any longer.

No problems Batmo. You're the best.

Peace to All.