Thursday, December 27, 2007

good grief!!

now, i know why i have been on a self imposed news blackout for so many weeks. there isn't a scrap of good news anywhere in the world. i guess i am being a 'librul' again and focusing on the present and future instead of being mired in the moment and concentrating on a birth that may or may not have happened like 3,000 years ago. call me crazy with my bleeding heart and all. i would love to be able to jam my head up my ass and live in my own little world. i have a feeling that i would like it better in there. assassinations, oil spills, corruption- and those are just the headlining stories- i didn't want to strike beneath the surface. i have my own crap to deal with in my personal life. there isn't anywhere to run or hide- we have to face the world and do something. we can't do it on our own though- too much and too big. we are going to need each other more this year than ever. if we are going to effect any change this year, we will have to work together to do it. we cannot leave it up to anyone else- because there is no one else. solidarity.


Sornie said...

You wouldn't be alone in stuffing your head up your ass, I have had mine planted there for a while because things just seem stale and regurgitated currently. I want a shake-up, some big changes.

jmsjoin said...

betmo you're a riot. You wouldn't want to stick your head up your ass now that would stink, Ha! Wait until 2008! Take care,