Wednesday, November 28, 2007

sad- but excellent info

america, as we have known her, is finished

my comment left there:

"never in my dreams of 'the american dream' did i ever think i would live during times like these. this is also end of the planet as we know it- and perhaps the waning years of the human species as the dominant force here. since the beginning of time- humans have crescendoed to this point. each new empire trying to be bigger and better and sustain itself longer than the last. well, we have outdone outselves- right out of existence."


jmsjoin said...

I posted on this yesterday but no one read it I guess. Anyway he is right but the reason is Bush! Bush created all this division so he could use it for his political gain. Divide and conquer is his method and to date it has always worked. He allowed illegal immigration to fuel his new societal order. Now he has enough so he feigns that he wants border security.
We were headed the way of the Roman Empire but Bush has sped it up. He is now using his politics of division on the middle east to get what he wants but that too will be utter failure. I wrote about that today. I can only shake my head because this will all end one way and Bush has been endeavoring for it for years.

billie said...

av- sorry haven't gotten that far yet in the ole' google reader. :) i read and link as i go- shout out to any readers- take a peek at jim's place too!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

you could be right b, but I hope not. it is frightening though. sometimes I just stop and wonder how we, the american people could havelet this happen. now the Iraqi's are saying there will be a long-term U.S. troop presence in Iraq. at least they admitted it but we knew that was the plan all along. too many americans have died for one president's war. we need to set a deadling for the IRaqi's to take over EVERYTHING and then leave. 6 months max and we are gone. we should never have gone there and too many Iraqi's do not want us there. if it were not an oil rich country we would not be there. it is sad and I am tired tonight. have a good day tomorrow, b.