Wednesday, November 14, 2007

religion sucks- part 768

read about the creationist's movement- and the wedge issue here. and here. and check out the pbs nova special 'intelligent design on trial' here.

my one hope for the survival of humanity is that people as a whole wake up and realize that you don't have to have religion to have spirituality. i seem to harp on the christians here in this country- with good reason- i live here. we are a democratic republic- or we were before movements like this started insidiously taking over. wake up folks. if it seems too unbelievable to be true, it probably is true.


Sarah said...

Those of us who stay on top of church/state relations have long known about this "wedge" issue. Who do these individuals think they are fooling?

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

this is crazy. what's sad is they don't realize that someday Christians might not be the religious majority here anymore. how would they feel if Muslims or Buddhists were in control?

we should all be glad that separation of church and state was interpreted out of the Constitution.

will email you tomorrow. been out of town and trying to line up some jobs.

Is it 2008 yet? not looking forward to 40 but we do need a regime change.

Daniel said...

The two words 'religion' and 'stupidity' occurring together have a certain connectedness. Take care, Betmo.

Larry said...

The real Christians are slowly distancing themselves from the type of Christian Bush, Falwell and Robertson profess to be.

In fact the "religious right" are suddenly realizing they live in glass houses, and Bush/Robertson/Falwell and their ilk have opened the curtains to reveal this, with their lust for war and power.

Spadoman said...

What would I know? I'm a recovering Catholic.

Remember them? They are the ones that the pope told the world would be the only people going to heaven.

I got rid of the Middle Man, Religion, a long time ago. They can't make you think what you don't want to think, but the fight is that they don't get to teach this crap in public schools and infuse it into our society. We need to stay on top of this and see how each candidate, whether for president, congress, senate, city council and judges, will vote and support/or not support, our true freedom of religious, or NON religious thought.