Saturday, November 10, 2007


i love books. i love to read. i believe i wrote that in my profile at the sirens forum-

Why do you blog?:
"i love words. i also love truth. i blog to put those two together in one forum."
there is something about reading and writing your native language that is exciting- the manipulations of the words to form pictures and convey meanings-it is something that is almost inexplicable. words are power tools in the right hands- written or spoken- and should be handled with care. language can be manipulated and machinated to become a means to an end or they can be used to inspire others on to great things.

so, having said that, i will say this- i would have my epitaph read- 'she was well lived' rather than 'she was well read.' i have written here before that i live a quiet life- not much excitement here- some may even call it "routine"- and no, i wouldn't change it for anything. why? because there was a time in my life where i read to escape a rather chaotic time; a time when i had little control over what was happening around me. there was a time when i lived my life as a conduit for others to find theirs- and i had little control over that either. now, is my time. my dull, pedantic, routine life is full of emotions under the surface but calm on the exterior. at the center, is calm. the calm lets me fully appreciate life and lets me focus in on what's really important in life- truth, loyalty, love, understanding, integrity- and it has given me a center to stand up and see the bigger picture; to stand up and attempt to take on bigger issues than me. so, now, my family, my friends, and my planet are what matters to me the most.

and i use my words in the best way i know how- hopefully to inspire others to seek truth for themselves; to stand up for what is right in the face of adversity; to promote solidarity with fellow people on this planet. and i need my dull, routine center in order to be the person i try to be.

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enigma4ever said...

that you read, that you write, that you inspiring to many....namaste.