Wednesday, November 21, 2007

over the hump day

as a couple of my blog buddies call it. gearing up for a quiet turkey day. in fact, turk might get cooked today- or tomorrow morning. sister has to work part of the day- so not a big festival. that's ok. it's that kind of year where i don't think celebrating is in order. quiet reflection and just enjoying folks' company is the way i feel this year. so- out and about for a bit and to the fam's and then- cooking. having a second cuppa now.


Unknown said...

I am getting ready to have my first cuppa. This year is for quiet reflection for my family as well.

My son lost his best friend and I am losing a good friend.

Have a good day with those you love sweet sista, I heart you:)

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

Happy Thanksgiving, b. Giving thanks for my friends and that of course includes you. Have to work tomorrow, but should be a slow day. picking up a turkey dinner at the grocery store for my crew and baking a pumpkin pie.

have enjoyed baking since I was a kid. maybe that's how mom knew I was gay before I told her.

have a good holiday my friend.


Larry said...

Enjoy the day and try and forget the world for at least a few hours.

The mess will always be there Friday.