Sunday, November 18, 2007

blogging for buddha

or something like that :) i am reading 'creating true peace' still- actually i read the first 2 chapters and am processing and meditating- and creating the peace you want to see is tough. i may never get out of the first chapter :) i think what struck me was the reconnecting with oneself. i have been on a personal journey for the last couple of years or so to do just that- in my spare time of course :) landsker mentioned that blogs are seeming to unite these days- and i think that's true- especially with the rise of the social sites like ning and whatnot. it is not easy to make peace with yourself and it isn't easy to make peace with others. easier, of course, if you are in a like environment- which i think blogs do. it is often easier to explore oneself through a keyboard than verbalize- we used to write in journals- now our journals are online. it makes sense that if you promote peace and actively seek peace- not just passively resist violence (think burmese monks)- that it could be something that catches on. more and more folks in the west are disillusioned with the big three religions- this could be an answer to spirituality. i am not a buddhist but the tenets are in line with the earthy native american/celtic paganism stuff i am researching so it is kind of like a circle. i don't think you have to adhere to any one 'program'- just ones that make sense. not killing each other for whatever reason; protecting the earth and her creatures; accepting differences instead of exploiting them and wedging people apart- that's common sense. i encourage you to go to the library or pick up a copy of thich nhat hanh's book. it makes sense- and thanks again bz :)


Carol Gee said...

betmo, I had forgotten about the possibility of living mindfully. That's an awful thing to confess, but it is true. I was brought up short by "blogging for buddha." That is something for which to be thankful.
I plan to do our Thanksgiving dishes "mindfully," as well.
Thanks for this thoughtful post.

Intrepidflame said...

I am glad his words are helping you find the peace you are looking for...