Friday, October 26, 2007

second cuppa open thread friday

haven't done the open thread thing in awhile. i suppose i just assume everyone will speak their minds anyway :) i haven't been plugging into the msm or the news lately- so i am blissfully unaware of world events by and large. i scan the headlines enough to know that there is still the same amount of suffering and corruption going on as always. i am sure that there are folks out there feeling joy and happiness too- and i don't begrudge them that. going into the weekend- i suppose i would hope that everyone in our blogging circle takes a moment to give the folks who are hurting a virtual hug. so many times when there is grief or sorrow or loss- we are at a loss as to what to say. we have all been in the position of feeling the overwhelming hurt and sadness someone is feeling- and feeling impotent in the face of it. because nothing we do or say will take it away. so- say it. it is ok to say that there aren't words to express any level of what you are feeling- but i am here for you. chances are the folks just need someone near and supportive. if you mean what you say- they know. too many times we get impatient and want to rush people through their grief or depression- because we are uncomfortable. tough shit. these aren't our feelings we are being mindful of. with all of the death and hurt and illness going on right now in our world and in our country- and among our blog friends- we need to support each other as much as possible. we have folks whose loved ones are going back to the middle east to fight for the umpteenth time- and we need to support them. take some time for yourself surely- but don't forget that the internet- for the time being- is a lifeline for free peoples everywhere. the more of us out there- the more shot we have of effecting some real change. solidarity.

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fjb said...

Here's a big virtual hug for you too, dear lady, you sound like you need it. I've had experience with grief, sorrow, loss, anger and eventually acceptance myself not that long ago. Didn't blog much about it, other than a pretty angry rant one day, and probably never will. That's just the way I am, but I do understand the need to reach out.