Monday, October 29, 2007

first frost of autumn

it is my favorite time of the year usually. this year has not behaved normally, but hell, even the weather knows that there's something wrong in the world. the last of the summer flowers and veggies have died and the leaves are falling off of the trees in large piles. this morning there's a layer of frost on the grass and fog hanging in the air- my windows have that condensation in the corners- like out of a storybook. it is chilly around the edges and it makes my coffee taste so much warmer- and better. except now i am out and have to get more. this winter is supposed to be mild here again- i expect until mid-january when we will get frigid cold and a few dumpings of snow- and then we start the hellacious humidity and heat up again. enjoy it while you can.

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Carol Gee said...

My favorite season too, betmo, though you are ahead of us here. This is a nice pic, reminding me of the look of our farm in Wyoming.
Thanks for the post with the link to Riverbend, the refugee. And now we have people in California who are homeless. Tough times.
Good luck with your new site, and regards!