Wednesday, January 03, 2007

it is time

FBI Inquiry Details Abuses Reported by Agents at Guantánamo (1/3/2007)

i hate to sound melodramatic- but i am afraid i will anyway. now is the time when we have to decide what and who we are going to be. we no longer have the luxury of maintaining the status quo. this is the time when we decide if we are going to continue to blend in with the masses or take a stand and do what is right. are we going to stand on the sidelines? or be the one who gives cpr to a dying nation? cheney and his administration have had some setbacks- but so did the emperor in 'star wars.' history has shown us that it won't be the masses that takes down tyranny- it will be a small number of resistance fighters who will win back our freedoms. make no mistake folks- there is still time. there is still time to stop these folks in their tracks, but we can't depend on others doing it for us. we can't depend on our neighbors or the democratic party. the congress only has limited powers and the strongest one it has at this point is the power of impeachment. we have to impeach the head of this outfit- and it isn't bush. if you continue to believe that george w. bush is the president of america, then nothing i can say will sway you. but, if the scales have fallen from your eyes and you can see that cheney and rumsfeld and their second 'shadow' government is really running the show- then maybe, just maybe we have a snowball's chance in new york this winter.

it is time to decide- will you stand and be counted? will you make the hard and possibly dangerous decision to commit to stopping this administration bent on absolute power? it is a personal decision that can only come from you. there comes a time in everyone's life when they have to make this decision. the time is here. the time is now. will you stand for torture? will you stand for secret prisons and shadow governments? will you stand for the illegal and unlawful imprisonment of thousands of detainees- from afghanis to iraqis to mexicans? is this the america you want to live in and be a part of? are you proud of the america you live in- or are you willing to get involved and change it for the better? the time is now.


Peacechick Mary said...

I'm in with both feet.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Indeed, it's time get off our dead asses, and the time to start is now.

QUASAR9 said...

Hi betmo, not only that
but the paradox that Guantanamo is in the bay of pigs in Cuba?
not even on US soil

QUASAR9 said...

Betmo, I can understand the paradox in Britain.

Conservatives can't make much capital out of Iraq, because they supported Tony Blair (New Labour)

But the libdems here, not only haven't got a plausible leader, they are not even sure where they stand.

If the Conservative party and Thatcher had invaded IRAQ, the Labour Party would have roasted them over hot coals ...

They barely got away with justifying Gulf War I to remove Iraqi occupation of Kuwait ... they would have had no chance justifying the invasion & occupation of IRAQ - has anybody thought of the irony

Gulf War I was to remove a tyrannical dictator Saddam occupying a 'sovereign' country Kuwait.
Gulf War II was to invade and occupy a 'sovereign' country IRAQ

Spadoman said...

I started my letter writing, e-mailing and telephone blitz to my congressman, &th district wisconsin David Obey, Democrat.

I am going to have a letter, asking for a pull out of Iraq, no new troops sent ot Iraq and impeachment. I will have the letters, the envelopes and the stamps. All interested people need to do is sign it and send it.

I will invest some of my own money to afford the stamps, envelopes, paper and printing ink. I have budgeted 100 to 200 dollars per month. More if I can get donations.

This is a start. Keep the pressure on Betmo, I got your back.

Mike K said...

You can always count on us to stand with you. :-)

BAC said...

Now that Pelosi is Speaker of the House I say impeach Bush/Cheney at the same time, and let's have a woman president!


SadButTrue said...

I wrote a post in October which I think is one of my most inspiring - the story of some ordinary Brits who stood up to the fascists in London before World War II. Their courage was at least as indicative of the British opposition to oppression as anything Churchill would say years later.

Democracy: NOT a Spectator Sport

If this doesn't put a fire in your belly nothing will.

Ingrid said...

Betmo, I think that Amnesty or the Dems are planning next wednesday on some event drawing attention to gitmo. I've got it in my big email folder so hence, I don't remember which one. Perhaps the bloggers against torture that I am a member of will have to do their June is torture month theme again this year.. unbelievable..

Obob said...

I like the new look and I see you haven't tempered your rhetoric

billie said...

i would love to obob- but nothing has changed. cheney and his cabal are still in office doing what they do best- and i still don't believe that they act in the best interests of anyone but themselves.