Thursday, October 04, 2012

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 there is a 47% out there and they continually live against their best interests and continually put their paranoid, fearful ideologies ahead of the best interests of all...unfortunately, these are our fellow americans...what needs to happen is for more of the sane of us to get our liberal heads out of our liberal asses and stop believing that simple voting is the way to go...what we need to do is take back our communities and states from the whack jobs who have managed to put themselves into positions of power and force this country back to a place that resembles a representative democracy...we need to demand that this faux war on terror stop just as surely as we demand the wars overseas to stop and for our american civil liberties to be reinstated...we need to demand real election reform and work at it from the local and state levels to force our system into a fair one...we need to stop pooh poohing the crazies in our midst and take them on in our own lives and call people out on their do this takes effort and courage and knowing the FACTS- one person cannot do this alone...yes, we are still here supporting but if we don't take responsibility too then this country is still hanging by half a thread and it's going to fall completely- just my humble opinion

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