Friday, May 11, 2012

you are wrong

people need to stand up to the wasp bigots in this country- no 'valuing the opposition's opinion'; no agreeing to disagree; no giving them airtime at all- we need to stand up and look them square in the eye and say


you are wrong if you believe that non wasps and females are lesser than you; you are wrong if you believe that your religion trumps civil rights; you are wrong if you believe that you have the right to make america a 'christian nation'.

here's the thing- most people give a shit about saving the planet they live on- decent food and water and a place to live far outweighs what other folks do in their bedrooms...people are sick and tired of the racist, misogynistic homophobes being granted more than their fair share of airtime in the media and in our workplaces, schools and everywhere else...


and the rest of us- the sane people here in america would really like it if you would slither back into your conservative hell holes of lives and leave the rest of us alone...because there is fast coming a time when you won't have the choice to....

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