Saturday, March 05, 2011

the end of an empire

i don't have the inclination to look back through my posts to find the ones i have written on the fall of the american empire...but they are there...i have also written about the 'feeling' we have that the 'other shoe is about to drop' but we don't know how or when...i have written ad nauseum about how america is not exceptional anymore and that we are simply an upper middle class member of a new global society- and i have written that we have to wake up and smell the coffee about this...

looks like i have good company on that idea...

i really wish i could spin the wheel of time and go back to america's 'golden age'- whatever that was...the funny thing about periods of peace and prosperity is- it's only that way for some- so that i wouldn't have to deal with what's coming. but... i can't...i have to suck it up and deal with it as adults do- while wishing fervently that human nature would be different this time and we would do the right thing for once instead of viewing our fellow human beings- and everything else on this planet- as a commodity.

capitalism doesn't work... most 'isms' don't. not exclusively anyway... blending the good parts of the various isms seems to work fine though- but greed and that pesky human need to believe that we are better than everyone else always get in the way..

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