Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just a thought- or two

perhaps, if these 'real americans' spent less time wasting bullets and more time 'pulling themselves up by their bootstraps' to look for a job... they could stop taking government issued unemployment checks and oh, put food on the tables for their families. and mayhap, if they want to 'see action', they should do the patriotic thing and enlist. i mean, we do have two whole wars that we are fighting.

as for big brother and dictatorship, no single administration moved us further in that direction than the bush one- patriot act allows surveillance on anyone at any time regardless of warrant and don't get me started on homeland security and the military commissions act. i am not enamored with the way things are going in this country either- but guess what? i don't need a gun to fix that- real americans go to the ballot box.

just a couple of thoughts......

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Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

You are absolutely right. Real democrats in any Western country vote and they know what they vote for. And they don't let themselves be impressed by oratory stunt men/women.

These fake soldiers are the same who need a psychologist whenever they get hit in an real action. Loud voiced dispensables.