Friday, February 19, 2010

not liking february

usually, this status is reserved for january and august- two longest months of the year imo. but, this february just plain sucks. i have been battling not getting sick- or not giving in to the sickness at any rate- as well as life stresses and it is wearing me out. i am just plain tired of being cold and looking at gray skies.

i think for me- the biggest issue is- i don't much care for being an adult. nope. i don't like having so many cares and responsibilities and there are moments when i just plain don't want to do what i know i have to do. but, being and adult, i suck it up and do it anyway. i don't have a choice. sigh. so, i apologize for whining so much but i need an outlet and i could just stay away--- but i don't want folks to worry without a word. there has been loss around the blogosphere and folks go virtually missing only for the blogosphere family to learn they have passed...

so, i am still here and working through my funk and sinuses... looking forward to spring.....

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Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

That sounds pretty down. Winter depression?

Go out and have some sports activities. There must be something in your area. It's the only way, Mother Nature has programmed human body and brain to need some goddam movement.

Cheers to you, get cracking