Sunday, October 18, 2009

life's journey indeed

ooh- in full interest of disclosure- i was not a fan of facebook. i still like blogging better but facebook certainly makes private detecting easy- one stop shopping :) yeah- that's tongue-in-cheek because i am still not 100% yet. :) anyhoo, having spent the better part of a week there as i have been sick- as everyone knows ad nauseum- i am taking some time to reflect on my experiences.

first- i love yoville :) mostly because the secret interior designer in me loves to decorate rooms.

second- i have been able to connect with some of my blog buddies over a cuppa at my cafe and chat with some of my live world friends- well, in real time :) i can stay connected in a different way

and third- but not the least- i can take a step back in time. i recently found my old high school choir site and looked at it- lots of familiar names. concert choir wasn't just a choir- we have always been an extended family. kimber billow was our director and he was amazing. he just had a way about him that expected excellence and we tried our best to give it to him. he was a rare mix of approachability and leadership and we loved him- all of us for decades. he retired in 2002 and i have a feeling that the choir members don't have the repoire we all had and apparently, continue to have if the site is any indication. i recognized many familiar names- some the same and some hyphenated with marriage :) of course, that took me back 20 years...

i don't know about anyone else, but the folks i remember look the same in my mind as they did 20 years ago :) myself included. looking at updated photos- or my reflection in the mirror- well, it's like strangers have taken on our names. :) guess my body didn't get the memo that i wanted to look 18 years old forever ;)


an average patriot said...

Glad you're enjoying that! I wish I knew how to use it! I publish what I write at a social media site on Digg Reddit and stumbleupon. I would do it at faces too but I do not know how. From what I understand only your friends get notified and I want the millions!

betmo said...

yeah i only have a rude understanding of how it works too :) i put a widget out on the blogs so perhaps that helps :) i doubt millions would give a rat's ass what i have to say jim- but spend some time over there and explore options :)

Brother Tim said...

I believe I still look the same, it's just that my eyesight is shot-to-hell. ;)

P.S.-- You make Facebook fun. :)

thepoetryman said...

Facebook has allowed me to find a few of my old highschool chums and I use it as a social bookmarking tool more than anything I suppose.

Speaking of eyesight, I should wear my reading glasses when I look in a mirror if I want to see the truth of the damage since I was 18... :>/