Monday, August 03, 2009

happy monday

a quick note- i am currently reading poems by walt whitman. i can see why he was considered, well, a bit risque in his day. i want to say he published the first edition of 'leaves of grass' circa 1855 or so- and well, let's just say that more than a few well cultured ladies got titillated from reading poetry. i never knew. i don't think my eyebrows left the ceiling until i put the book down.

that's my summer reading right now- anyone else reading anything good?


Pagan Sphinx said...

Ha! Wasn't Walt something? ;-) Perfect summer poetry reading, Lady!

I read a great book this summer by a local author called Look Me in the Eye (My Life with Asperger's) by John Elder Robison.

It's about being different...I loved it.

Spadoman said...

I have been reading the small print on the Sirius radio contract that came with the new car, oh, and I looked at the speedometer quite a bit while driving on the trip.

In other words, no reading. But I have been listening to an unabridged narration of Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn", a recorded book. I read it as a kid, so it is all fresh to me and quite entertaining.