Tuesday, July 21, 2009

who are they trying to kid?

lewis black takes on gop stupidity around the health care reform um- whatever the fuck it is- debacle. maybe?

here's the reality- there isn't a thing wrong with everyone having access to basic, preventative health care. the reality is- most americans don't have insurance or hmo coverage or well, anything. we pay for everything out of pocket. we are the ones who don't qualify for medicaid or va benefits or medicare or anything. we pay our own co pays and office calls and glasses and tooth xrays. and we don't go unless we really have to.

the reality is- the red tape you have to wade through to get insurance coverage is a fucking nightmare. the reality is- you get denied coverage at the drop of a hat- you can be old, or sick, or they simply don't deem the procedure necessary. that's today. that's not government health care. in their world- perhaps they are correct with their wild spewings. but in the real world- the one with real people in it who give a damn about others and not just power and profit-- well, we see things a bit differently.

my tax dollars currently go somewhere. where- is unknown because my family is uncovered and my streets are full of pot holes and my taxes go up and away into the ether. probably to pay for mitch mcconnell's health care.

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WeezieLou said...

here's another reality: if you have a job that does have semi-affordable insurance - if you actually use it, you'll find an enormous amount of uncovered costs. i have a chronic thing, as does my partner. btwn usual RX's and premiums and reg MD visits, almost 1/2 our monthly income is gone. oh, then there's the mortgage, food..............it doesn't work with or without insurance!