Monday, July 27, 2009

stories i didn't have the wherewithal to make posts

i got caught up a bit in the google reader today- hence the passing along of links. usually i leave that in the capable hands of my buddy carol :) i ran across these gems today in my travels and thought i'd share:

us citizens wrongly detained, deported by ice- gives me warm fuzzies what with the draconian bush era signing memos, patriot act, homeland security, etc. oh- and did i mention private prisons?

i guess israel is the 51st state. and here i thought it was puerto rico- i mean guam...

wanna keep tabs on the dems in congress? see who donates to them and why they vote the way that they do? now you can...

hey- there's a study that came out that i doubt will get much airplay here in america- land of the stupid and home of the ignorant- global warming is real. and, it's going to warm things up faster than the eggheads thought. nice.

and last but not least- american stock market regulators gently tap the brakes. haven't come to a full stop yet- but hey, we're slowing


sweet jesus in a thong!!! i should not have mentioned guam...

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