Friday, July 03, 2009

only the good friday

haven't had any response from blogger yet- so hopefully, the blog doesn't get deleted. perhaps i should contact them again :) holy crap is it good to be home! haven't had much time online as yesterday was a bit of catchup and then hubby snagged the prime computer time. so, here i am. i am a bit of a homebody so this trip was a bit long for me. puerto rico is lovely- what i saw of it- and orlando is not. i am glad hubby got to visit his family though- the newest edition is pretty cute at two weeks old.

i really missed the cats and being home and it put many things into perspective for me (i'll bitch about the whole airport thing at another time) and i will be meditating on the next turn of my life's journey. in the meantime, i have to mow between raindrops and tame my garden a bit. i have no idea what's what out there but that's ok. more updates later- enjoy!

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