Saturday, July 18, 2009

journalism and the lack thereof

glenn greenwald would no doubt dislike the accolades i give him- or perhaps me being a teeny, tiny blogger blip in the blogosphere he could care less- but his voice and the likes of amy goodman, jeremy scahill, jason leopold, josh marshall have been the clarion call for truth. he hits journalists and their 'celebrity' right where it hurts and he points out the corporate shills that they are.

it is no surprise that he manages to honor walter cronkite while he exposes the sycophants who will blather on the boob tube about his passing.


an average patriot said...

Like you I have been listening to all the accolades about how great Cronkite was. He was but it is sick that many say he was the greatest because he was unbiased. WTF that is just reporting but none of them idiots can do it without injecting their feelings. Their feelings do not matter the truth does!


I just sent you an e-mail a bit ago; apparently my rss feed is fouled up because I see you have posted as of yesterday.

Anyway, I grew up with Walter - he and Edward R. Murrow - then Huntley and Brinkley - wasn't it just wonderful back then for us old folks!

Now we have the noisy blather of those on CNN and Fox; at best, I still can get some semblence of truth from CBS and our local news channel.

I was worried when I hadn't seen your post on my rss feed - should have gone directly to the 'source' to see that all is well with you and you're on top of things.

Regards, Diane