Wednesday, July 22, 2009

here's a bit of educatin' for ya across the pond

professor gates had just arrived home from an airplane trip from china to find someone had tried to break into his home. he sets the bags down to hear a knock at the door and a police officer there. police officers here in america are not known for their professionality and are often arrogant and swaggering. not the stereotypical beat cop in the old movies. cue in an episode of cops sometime. professor gates showed not one but at least two forms of id while he was inside the house. why would he need to go outside? and why was the cop still hassling him?

no, we weren't there. but i have seen enough overt racism from white cops to black suspects over the years to see exactly what this was. there wasn't any reason for professor gates to be arrested- by the cop's own account he was never touched. being black and being angry was enough in america to get arrested. wouldn't have happened to a white professor from harvard. but brits are not known for racial equality now are they?

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