Tuesday, July 28, 2009

good stuff

professor cole always has a good article. i would argue that we should add congress to that article as well. americans elected a democratic majority with a mandate to change things for the better. so far, it has been largely status quo and not so much change.

in another article, dave johnson argues fairly persuasively for pro-corporation. i take issue with his assumption that we, the people, made the corporate laws. we didn't. congress did- and since there is conflict of interest upon conflict of interest- well, you see the problem.

for someone who spoke about the end of cowboy diplomacy- obama and clinton sure are raising the hackles and keeping shit started where we don't need it to be. why are we going into colombia? i mean really. why are we continuing to heckle iran and russia? didn't we vote that guy out?

happy tuesday- and remember- your vote counts. really ;)

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an average patriot said...

So far we have heard a lot of good words but not much change from Bush. Things only continue to get worse but that is because of the party of no who will see their proudest moment when they make Obama a one term failure and there goes the country sadly and they don't give a damn!