Friday, July 31, 2009

enviro news

i have to agree: "i just wish people would wake up & realize that you can't take ANYthing at face value anymore. you've got to follow the money and fer gawds sakes do some research for yourself!"

big ag doesn't want to go quietly and are desperately trying to hold on to their profit margin- by hook or by crook.

also, i have written about fish a few times- i don't buy it. i don't eat it. the oceans are being overfished and the fish farms are breeding god knows what along with the fish. not to mention the pollution in the oceans. isn't it something that we really don't give a rat's ass? we still go out for surf and turf like it's no big deal?

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Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

What do you think would happen if everybody would be ready to give a rat's ass?

What should be done with all those rat's asses suddenly available and probably free of charge?

The answer is obvious: they would feed the fish in the fish farms: wholesome food for the needy.


PS: read this and then speedily forget it