Monday, July 27, 2009

do you ever

check out the folks who 'follow' you? sometimes it's kind of interesting. other times- kinda scary. check it out sometime and follow the blogs or links back. don't say i didn't warn ya.


an average patriot said...

Hi B
I do! If I have anyone on my blog roll they are there because we are like and I want to keep up with them and I do as often as I can when I see activity and I check every day I can! How's the garden? Summer finally came yesterday!


Hi - you know I follow you on my rss feeds, but I never hooked up to the Google 'follow this blog' feature.

You reminded me I probably should, so now that I did that you'll notice 'Grandpa's Skeeter' which is me.

Before I built my first blog, that was my moniker for the Google community, and I see they still use that for the 'following' feature.

What I like about using the rss feature is I can read; decide if to post a comment (or not), and/or save the post to look at later. It also doesn't show up on the actual blog, so there's a sense of privacy afforded me which I like.

I'm sure the 'powers that be' also monitor all blogs and likewise, check out the 'followers', to see what similarities both share and their viewpoints.

Data harvesting - it's always about getting more information so they know how to plan their advertising campaigns, etc.

I recently read that AP is going to try to start disallowing people on the I-net to access their total information for free - somehow they think this will afford them greater revenue.

I think these people are a bit out of touch with bloggers, and web-readers because it will only irritate the reader, and they'll go elsewhere.

To me, bloggers are the 'hunter/gathering' crowd of the information world; either by locating other like-minded information from web-sites and blogs, or by posting their own opinions which is like 'casting the bread upon the water', and seeing if it comes back 'ten-fold'.

In any case, I've hooked up to some newer blogs as a result of checking out those who follow blogs that I also like. It's a great way to network and reinforce a person's thinking, when one holds regard for that particular blogger or even one who comments, and we an track back to that person because we also see that person is intelligent and has a solid point of view.

I'm caught up with your other posts, and now I've properly added my name to the list of those who follow your comments and posts.