Wednesday, June 10, 2009

watching my blood pressure go up again

i have had a period of much calm since january. now, not so much. i admit, i have not been following my state government's coup as closely as i should because apparently, the people in this state and in my own area are morons. why they continue to vote for some of these people is absolutely beyond me.

"MEANWHILE, what does this mean to the Bronx, where Mr. Espada owns a cooperative apartment on 201st Street in the Bedford Park section? Probably not much. His cars are registered at a house in Mamaroneck; he has signed an affidavit saying he lives in Mamaroneck; his bank statements go to Mamaroneck; he has said that’s the home his wife wants to live in. However, last year, when he ran for the State Senate and his Bronx residency was challenged, a court-appointed referee ruled that all his Mamaroneck connections did not amount to proof that he did not intend to return to the apartment in the Bronx, the standard under the election law."

the fact that libous has only been looking out for himself and his rise to the gop machine here in albany- and continues to get 're-elected' year after year- disgusting. the smear campaign is in full form and upstate new york tends to be a conservative lot (huntin', fishin', small minded folks) and now, paterson's polls are slipping. go figure. obama probably isn't popular here either and not because of his policies. of course, they are probably more enamored with clinton these days than i am. really, hillary- ANOTHER invasion? just what we need.

there isn't any doubt as to why repubs have 'soured' on their party. obstruction, double dealing, scheming, etc.. my guess is the next polls they do will find dems feel the same way about theirs.

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an average patriot said...

Thanks for this. I saw this but there is so much happening that has to be covered that I just wondered what them damn underhanded Republicans said and did?