Thursday, June 18, 2009

still a colony

my mother has an intriguing theory- we have never stopped being a colony of england much in the same vein as canada, australia, and the like. she read history books quite a bit- and then sends me off to research what she gleans- and she started looking at british history. if you look at an interesting period in that history- you see charles dickens' stories were based on fact- folks were poor and starving and there was a two class system- the haves and the have nots. it was feudalism dressed up to look like democracy. the serfs still served the masters and social reform was frowned upon. which brings me to the six acts of parliament. i am not well versed in british history, and indeed, i know little specifics about what really went down at the peterloo massacre- but i do know that taking a quick peek at the six acts gave me a sense of deja`vu.

take a quick peek at this book excerpt to get a bit of background. start with page 188- it's illuminating. 3 guys were pretty much the most powerful folks in england at the time- liverpool, sidmouth, and casterleigh. history does have a way of repeating itself over and over and over. human beings are not an imaginative bunch. at least, not since the guy/gal who invented the wheel.

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Hi - we're 'in for lunch', and have I-net access.

Hey, I just loved this post! It was good to know that not too many days ago, my husband and I (he's 75, I'm 67) were talking about the more things change, the more they stay the same. Also, about history repeating itself.

I wrote a small poem about it because it is oh so true just as your post sums up, and as your mom took notice of and I agree with your viewpoint as I do yours.

When I get time, I'll e-mail you the poem, but I sure liked your summary and the links - thank you!

Hope you're doing well and your mom is feeling a bit better.

I know your vacation is coming up, so you've got a lot on your plate.

Take care - Diane