Thursday, June 18, 2009


please read this article.

'Republicans and Espada contended that they legally were elected to the majority in the June 8 coup and will not relinquish power. They said they told Paterson that new rules they approved as part of the coup will create power sharing between the minority and the majority parties.'

here's the thing- these people- allegedly elected representatives- staged a coup; seized control of the state government; and are now passing legislation without the full senate. and law abiding people- working within the confines of the law that doesn't seem to constrain republicans- are standing around with their thumbs up their asses doing nothing.

if this works here in new york- they will do it elsewhere. think that we already don't have a democratic republic- what do you call this? this should scare the hell out of people. instead, it doesn't even make them mad.

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