Friday, June 19, 2009

only the good friday

yes, jim, it is chilly and rainy here too. the tomatoes and peppers are not doing great- in fact, the only things doing well- potatoes and beans. such is life. :) i am going to go and do yardwork at the fam's today- i must mow between rain drops. i have been pretty busy lately with preparing for our trip next week to puerto rico. hubby's company sends folks to convention every year at a nice resort so, we are going to go for a few days and then stop off and see the new niece in florida on the way home. i hate traveling so, i will be glad when it's done and i am back home safe and sound. one can't drive to puerto rico.

the world situation still looks grim- so, i am ignoring it. i am focusing on downsizing and i can't change the world- so i am changing my piece of it. i don't know how successful i will be but i do know i am happy overall so, i will continue to ignore the world at large. whatever happens, happens. i get to see a bird ballet in my yard every day and this morning- a doe tip toeing through my back yard. the only thing i have lost in the garden so far- spinach to the bunnies. that's my life and it's a good one and it's all i have. and life is good.

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