Friday, June 12, 2009

"only the good" friday

another week rolls around.... :) well, my sister's front walk steps are not done. but they will be if ever the rain holds off long enough to pour the cement. the good part is- i spent all week with my mom and that means a lot. i also got yardwork and gardening done over there and i got my garage cleaned out and swept. my neighbors up the block re-connected (we met them when we first moved in) and i found out that the nice lady works for cornell cooperative extension. unfortunately, i forgot her husband's name. sigh. he's retired.

for those who don't know- today is the day analog tv goes the way of vinyl. we are in the digital age baby! but don't trash the tvs- recyle them. they can be used elsewhere in the world or probably right here in some capacity. there are days when i admit- the world issues look hopeless and i am a bit gloomy- but i found two articles that made me smile. one- a 16 year old discovers a microbe that feeds on plastic and two- a teenaged girl finds her own diagnosis after years of pain and no answers.

despite a culture that values compliance and conformity- despite the attempts to 'dumb down' the population through creationist bullshit and underfunding schools- we have folks who are hungry to learn. they are curious and they are scientists. truthseekers despite the old school fear and paranoia. that makes me happy indeed.

brother tim has his post up for friday and thornie is probably up and running too. she's good like that :) if you have a post up- drop it in the comments if you want and i will give ya a link :)

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Brother Tim said...

Those old analog TVs can still be used for VCR, DVD, and gaming. :)