Saturday, June 06, 2009

nice to see censorship knows no party

liberals don't like putting out there what they don't want to hear- and they are just as bad as the conservatives when it comes to censorship. little wonder pelosi's polls mirror cheney's. i find it amusing and interesting that much censorship comes under the guise of not wanting to appear antisemitic. what we need is less thought of jewish sensibilities and hurt feelings- and more open dialogue about the absolutely abysmal and ungodly way that the entire state of jewish israel has treated the palestinians.

no, israelis, it isn't your land- it is land that you need to share with the folks who lived there before you. not their problem that you lost a war a few milennia ago- they don't deserve to be treated subhuman anymore than your people did under the third reich. i don't give a rat's ass if you like america or obama- i do give a rat's ass that my country still considers you an ally. you certainly don't deserve it.


David G said...

Great to see you standing up for the oppressed Palestinians, Betmo!

It's a shame more Americans can't see who the real villains are (hint: they have the world's forth strongest army).

And it's a shame that most Americans can't see who is the world's principal warmonger (hint: they have the world's strongest army).


Brother Tim said...

Very well put, Kiddo!