Monday, June 15, 2009

the nation we deserve

"we watch impassively as the wealthy and the elite, the huge corporations, rob us, ruin the environment, defraud consumers and taxpayers and create an exclusive american oligarchy that fuses the wealth and political power. we watch passively because we believe we can enter the club. it is greed that inspires us. it is greed that keeps us silent. our greed is devouring us."

chris hedges, 'losing moses on the freeway'

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Time said...

There is only so much room at the top. In our appetite to become one of the members of the top, we dismiss our morals, common sense, conscience, respect for others, respect for ourselves, and respect for our planet.
In the end, the vast majority will never reach the perceived dream of being a member of the top, and meanwhile we have destroyed the important life of being a decent middle class American.
To many are leading a life of loud desperation, only to find as they get older, that they missed the enjoyment of life as they sought the delusion of money and short cutting the real feel of LIFE'S JOURNEY.