Saturday, June 20, 2009

looks like i must be an 'anti semite'

because i find this behaviour reprehensible


WeezieLou said...

altho it has never been my spiritual home as an adult (buddhism), i was born into a jewish family.

several years ago, i began having what were then very uncomfortable feelings abt the israel/palestinean situation. (i think i posted on it a lot on peace train). it began to seem to me that israel was doing to the palestineans what had been done to them by the nazi's. not an uncommon occurrence through history, unfortunately - the oppressed become the oppressors. (i always think of that quote by whoever "those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it). my beliefs and my horror have only grown since then. to me, this is not abt being anti-semitic. it's abt pro-peace.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,(& Weezielou),

Undoubtedly, the situation between the Israelis and Palestinians has echoes of the WW2Nazi behaviour... proclaiming superiority over others, killing in the name of their state.

It`s tempting to cast the blame at Judaism, as the world did Germany, but as with the Germans and the Reich, not all Jews are virulently supportive of the Zionist state.

I don`t how or when the state of Israel will be disarmed and pacified, but somehow, it will happen... there are several Jewish peace groups within Israel, maybe by supporting their efforts, things will change!