Thursday, June 11, 2009

i have to live in my own world

because what passes for reality- i can't wrap my mind around. i can't fathom how people refuse to see that we have no real representative government- and haven't for some time. if you call what the folks at the federal, state and local levels are doing 'governing'- hey, you must live in your own world too. good for you.

in my world, americans are brave and patriotic and don't whine in fear and cede their civil liberties to 'stay safe'. they fight back against corruption and greed instead of getting caught up in it to make a fast buck in order to buy their odious suvs, mcmansions and every electronic gadget known to man. they don't stand for being lied to or stolen from and they speak the truth and defend the constitution. in my world, the party i voted for- allegedly the party of the people- doesn't force or mandate free, democratic individuals to do anything.

"House Democrats are weighing a new proposal in response to Obama’s call for legislation to be enacted by August. An outline of the plan obtained by Bloomberg News would require Americans to have insurance with some exceptions.

It would probably exempt those who can prove they can’t find an affordable policy. There could be a tax penalty for those with adequate financial resources who don’t elect to get insurance, according to the outline."

i mean seriously- i thought we were going for universal healthcare- this is bullshit in the highest degree.

so, i have to stay in my world because the anti-democratic, fearful, easily manipulated, corrupted people who live in the country we used to call america- with pride- aren't people i want to live next to. and, i don't have representation in the 'real' america. common sense and free thinking is definitely unwelcomed.

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Boy, I continue to agree with you, Betmo. As to a 'penalty' for those who have 'ample income' to buy health insurance, and don't, who's to say what is 'ample', and what is the government doing digging into our income information and then mandating we have to pay for insurance to start with???!!!!????

Some people's religious beliefs cause them not to take the normal course of getting health care when (like the 7th Day Adventists) don't believe in our form of medicine.

We're being stepped on - truly, this is a violation of our individual rights, and if it comes to that (even though we have our own health plans by election, not by having it mandated on us), I'm going to be one of the first picketing; screaming loudly, and hopefully joining those who will overturn this decree if they try to enforce it on our citizens.

This is complete BULL-SHIT!!!!