Monday, June 01, 2009

happy monday

got much accomplished this weekend- the kitchen is almost back to normal. i rearranged cupboards and mopped and wiped everything off. washed the window too- inside and out- and the curtain. cat barfed on my new steam cleaned rug- sigh. it was my fault- i forgot to feed them last night. sigh.

anyhoo- my feet hurt from being on them yesterday- but i have a pile of rummage sale stuff i have to sort and tag now :) not a bad problem to have actually. trying to streamline and downsize- and we are getting there. hope the start to the week is good- sunshine here for a change. going to try and plant my sister's garden today. wish me luck.

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an average patriot said...

Hi B
Beautiful day here after a long cold and wet spell but rain back tomorrow. Hope the nice weather extends up to you. Go out and enjoy for a while.