Friday, May 29, 2009

take a good hard look

because this is who we are--- who we have become as a nation. the fact that an american could do this to another human being means we aren't deserving of being on the pedestal that we think we are on. there are those of us who have fought against this- but now, the folks we believed were going to deal with these atrocities- have decided once again that 'impeachment is off the table' and 'we aren't going to prosecute war criminals.' in fact, the folks we voted to clean this mess up- well, they are merely sweeping stuff under the rug. it's still there and they think we can't see or smell the steaming lump.

what i find interesting- the folks screaming the loudest in defense of this bullshit- on the right- well, they are the ones who wave the flag and pretend to be for human rights and civil liberties. the ones who put their hand over the place where their heart should be- and sing the national anthem like they mean it. these people disgust me to the very core. these are the same people who sabre rattle and make a profit from war.

and the folks who carried out the torture, abuse, rape, etc.- they don't get a pass for following orders either. it is your duty as a human being- and as an american to stand for the ideals of human rights and democracy. this kind of bullshit is neither. they aren't any more worthy of respect than the talking heads or the suits in dc. it doesn't matter what uniform you wear- it's what's on the inside that counts.


Beth said...

key word is PRETEND. They PRETEND to be for human rights, etc. They are for/about power. Pure and simple.

Time said...

It's easy to see how we get to this condition, when we see what has been accepted by Americans as being American.
Americans are sheep and they have been following the wolf.
There is a new wolf. He speaks kinder, but he still wants us on his dinner table.
Sheep usually scurry away from danger, if they understand there is a danger, but the wolf is a sly fellow.
I wonder when the good farmer will come and put an end to this? At least all he wanted was to shear us once a year.