Friday, May 29, 2009

only the good friday

van morrison- days like this

mmm.... i cannot believe that another week has flown by. anyone else feel that life speeds by sometimes? my kitchen is done now- just have to clean it. will need to get started on my 'spring cleaning' now that the dust has settled :) just glad i am slow or i would have had to do it twice. i am moving ahead with plans for etsy- but the hardest part is coming up with a good name :) i have been looking at logistics on shipping, prices, etc., but coming up with a good name has eluded me. any suggestions are welcomed. i was thinking 'betmo's blankets' or some such theme :)

another positive note- have had some contributions to the poets4peace site- feel free to email me a poem if you want- or if you'd like to become a regular contributor- let me know and we can set it up. or drop me a link if you want me to cut and paste- i can do that too. anyhoo, a little bird told me that spadoman has his friday post up already- and thornie is regular too- if you want me to link to yours- leave it in the comments or email me :) after all- a smile is contagious and good news is too.


Brother Tim said...

Great looking floor! I would never have thought of using 18 inch tiles in a bathroom, but the 45 degree cut makes them look OK.

You did good, Kiddo. :)

betmo said...

my mr. fixit picked the tiles based on the texture and colors i talked to him about. i liked the diagonal and hubby did too- but the grout is all hubby :) and the tilework- is definitely all mr. fixit. he is fantastic. i really love my bathroom :) the tile is great and the accessories we got- shower curtain, outlet covers, etc. when we bought the house- added some nice touches.

trust me when i say- if i have to pay twice- i am going to get my monies worth :)

Spadoman said...

Thanks for the mention Batmo. Bathroom looks good! I like the angular instead of the straight on. More work to put in, but looks great.

Beth said...

Looking good. I'm thinking about redoing floors in my house. I was gonna do ceramic in kitchen and then wood throughout the rest of most of house....and someone said to me 'why not do wood in kitchen too?' so I'm mulling it over.

Thorne said...

Niiice tilework, friend! I'm late in visiting. Tell me more about your upcoming wtsy store and products. I'll come up with an ass-kicking name for ya!