Thursday, March 05, 2009

ebbs and flows

i struggle each day with being the best human being i can be. there are times when i just don't feel like it. theoretically, i know that each human being is supposed to be worthy and equal to another- and i see reality is quite different to the theory. and i speak about choices and i read other people talking about choices- and how everyone has them to make in life- and i wonder about that. do we?

i don't know that i have a particular point to this post- more musings than anything. the more introspective i get- the more self centered i get- and i see that in others' posts as well. not that there is a thing wrong with it- as long as we snap out of the ego centricity. that's where i get stuck sometimes. i happened upon a blog where the person is doing some inner work and i think that's all well and good. i disagree with the person's approach- because in some ways it differs from mine and in others- it is uncomfortably similar. wanting to change others to fit our world view is common- i know i pounded the keys attempting to do just that for a very long time. i still catch myself doing it. i find it interesting and intriguing that so many people are changing now- without any effort on my part ;)

the whole last election was about change and hope- and personal responsibility. the whole last decade was about choice being taken away and creating despair and fear. i find that interesting too. and reading about the current social issues being fought and rehashed- prop 8 in cali and similar legislation in other states; rhianna's domestic abuse and the media frenzy and debate over what she should do; the octomom versus the duggars and the social inequalities in the debate; the plantation owners pulling the strings of michael steele for a facade of color in the rethug party- all interesting things to think about. all of these folks involved made certain choices in their lives- and some had to make choices based on no choice to make. if that makes sense.

anyhoo, would love to spark some discussions and have some gray matter time. apparently, the silly season is still with us.


Unknown said...

Prop 8 and gay rights

The Constitution does say that those rights not enumerated in the Constitution would be left to the states to decide, but that is not a process to legalize discrimination.

We have learned over the centuries that our laws have unjustly left out protection for some of our citizens.

Some would like to describe these legal oversights as intentional and defining, as so against our morals, to justify discrimination against a minority that a majority deems as immoral.

The founding fathers set up a system that could be amended, in hopes that future generations could improve and prefect the system they started.

The issues (could you imagine compromising on slavery to get the government started) of peoples rights has been a constant growing tolerant, inclusive process. We have learned and agreed that people once denied certain rights, were denied because of our Puritan, illogical biases, not on logical, well thought out law. So we made logical changes to our laws, to meet the morality of our basic claim, that all are created equal.

This is another step in correcting our oversight in another bias. Inclusion and tolerance, is our morality, not perpetuating an illogical fear of a perceived immorality.

If some want to believe that gays are immoral, that is their (uneducated) right, but the Constitution should be the document to suppress their illogical discrimination. If that means we have to change the Constitution, then lets get started.

Naj said...

This is so true: the more we focus on getting far from ego-centricity the more self-centred we become ...

I think true self-centrics are those who are not in search of themselves; or at least do not make a public spectacle of it!

I am not so sure about "we have a choice" idea; I am not sure we have a choice really; we are born within a set of limitations and constraints, we are chained by them for life; the only choice that we have is to find a path that allows us move and we move and gravitate towards that which is closer to our nature. Decision making is not something that happens in the head; it happens in genes it happens in the body, it happens in hormones ... things like education and culture cloak us, yes and inform our choices within our sets of constraints ...

dunno just some grayzone discussion :)