Monday, November 03, 2008

took the weekend off

yep. hubby sucked up the computer all weekend and i convalesced. i cleaned out the google reader and found i hadn't missed out on a thing. funny how that is :) we made a batch of sugar cookies and had tea and watched mindless tv. i worked on designing the veggie gardens for this year and the cats morphed into lap leeches. all in all- not bad. haven't felt much like writing anything and i am of the mind- if you don't have anything to say- don't. so, that's where i am- you?


fjb said...

Same head space as you, Bet, but tomorrow I'll undoubtedly be glued to the T.V. and trying not to stress too much.:) I know, I know, what's the point in stressing, what happens happens, right? I am looking forward to Stewart and Colbert for an hour beginning at 7:00 pacific time, though. Should be pretty entertaining.

betmo said...

me too :) i don't know how much coverage i will actually watch. that will depend on hubby.

WeezieLou said...

we also went to the sugar cookie/nesting route. our cats don't have cat naps, they have cat coma's. as do the digs. on edge abt tomorrow. i can't imagine how the candidates/families get through these last 24 hrs. 'ludes, man!