Friday, November 07, 2008

this is our ally?

From Occupied Palestine, With Love: Israel Breaches Gaza Ceasefire: Invades, Kills 7, Seizes Many

with 'friends' like this- we certainly don't need any enemies


fjb said...

When I read this I was speechless for about 30 seconds. Now I'm just angrier than ever. Did you get to the bottom and read about the olive harvesters? I know for a fact (I'm a member of the International Solidarity Movement) that there are U.S. citizens in Palestine right now assisting the farmers with the harvest and attempting to prevent harassment by the IDF and illegal settlers. This is what they get for their efforts: live fire.

an average patriot said...

hey Betmo
That was good just the pictures tell a horrid story! They breach Palestine Bush breaches Syria. Sound like allies to me!

PTCruiser said...

"... we certainly don't need any enemies"

Yep. We've got plenty of those already thanks to the outgoing administration.