Thursday, November 06, 2008

taking a deep breath

the election is over and the decision is final- and good lord have mercy did we dodge a bullet! faux noisy news aside- i mean i can't take bill o seriously as he seems to be defending stupidity in this clip- i think sarah palin's run for the white house is over. she may try- but the closest she'll get is the congress (and she probably figures that she can run the white house from there). if ever there was a call to reform the education system in this country- she is the poster child. for too long, americans have worshipped beauty over brains and looks over substance. well, we have seen where that has taken us over the last 12 years.

here's the deal- the fox noise folks completely (and deliberately?) missed the point- the leaks and backbiting isn't the issue- the issue is that the chief executive of an entire state doesn't know basics about how local, state, and federal governmental systems work. doesn't know one thing about the rest of the world except that putin (who isn't the pm of russia anymore) rears his head and looks at her from across the bay. my personal thoughts are that america should just let alaska secede from the rest of us- or at the very least cut off the funding up there. it is obvious that the corruption stems from too much money and an insulated environment. ted stevens is arrogantly running for re-election and will win based on stupidity and election corruption. and a good deal of the few hundred thousand stupid alaskans are behind him and palin lock, stock and moose hunting rifle barrel.

we are in the 21st century now and whether palin and the rest of her minions like it or not- we have to change. we need to be educated and aware of the rest of the globe- we are obviously all interconnected through finance, food, and jobs. those who aren't interested in knowing or changing- need to be left behind. their gene pool needs to de-evolve.

check out the cool maps here


Spadoman said...

So, da bitch can resign from being govenor, have the Lt. govenor appoint her to the Senate when stevens takes a dump for his crimes. The possibility exists that she could be a playa in natl. politics.

With the right spin and a PR company, and of course plenty of money, she could be a thorn in the sides of decent people for a long time.

So many idiots out there looked at her so called "beauty" and wanted her to be the VP. Still too many that don't give a golly gosh darn about the issues or the country, but rather their own little beer and cigarette world.

64% of Americans eligible to vote, did so. A high number compared to the past elections, but not nearly as high as it should be. With some accuracy I can say that 40% of those that did vote, voted against the other person and not "for" the candidate they wanted.

jams o donnell said...

Yikes teh US dodged a bullet not having Palin next in line! He I love that map ou linked to

David G said...

Perhaps she'll run for President with George as V.P. They'd make a good pair! Both of them are a handful of cards short of a deck.

I'm still feeling great. The world is a better place.