Saturday, November 08, 2008

the party of ignorance and corruption

there has been much bandied about on the airwaves and intertubes lately about why the rethuglicans got a big smack down. it's really very simple- they are a sham. the party has no substance other than making buttloads of money for their elite at the expense of the masses and they try and dress that pig up in lipstick and sell it to the american people in the shape of a wasilla hillbilly- who apparently has a taste for saks and neiman. go figure. the republican party's talking heads and hate radio pundits barely contain their scorn for their viewers and loyal listeners and even insult them- but they know that the knuckle dragging 'values voters' will keep coming back for more if they are told to.

the reason that the right got its ass handed to it isn't because america is a 'center right' nation or because of the economy- it's because people of america- right and left- are tired. we are tired of the lies; the fearmongering; the ugly, smearing, divisive words tearing at each other all of the time. we know that in the real world we can agree to disagree or we can compromise- words that aren't in the hard right's or hard left's vocabulary. now, this isn't to absolve the ralph naders on the left of blame- certainly not. but at least the hard left believes in science.

so, now we get to see palin ripped to shreds. as much as i enjoy a talentless, rabidly ambitious to the detriment of her family candidate being dragged over the coals in public- i must say that the issue isn't whether she was ignorant or a shopaholic- the issue is that the republican party shamelessly tried to sell her to the public. she wasn't vetted as the most able candidate- that wasn't her role. her role was to get john mccain elected. now, 'she' failed at that- she is being ripped. that's the issue isn't it? the right sold america george 'i am a christian but will have a beer with ya' bush- and we got cheney and rumsfeld and 2 wars and a soaring deficit.

isn't the real reason that the right lost because they aren't real? they continue to attempt to divide on issues that are non issues. abortion, gay marriage, 'values' voting- those aren't real issues. economy, civil liberties for all americans, global climate change- those are real issues that the right doesn't understand. this is not- nor ever will be willingly- a christian nation. the american constitution in the bill of rights- gave us freedom from a state religion. there are those of us who will fight to the end for that. so, mormons, catholics, evangelicals- you keep pouring all of your money and your ignorance into defeating lgbt families' civil liberties- we will keep fighting to make you increasingly and one day completely- irrelevent.


Time said...

Yes, yes,

I'm waiting to see if Americans totally reject the neocons and the hate filled right.

This is not clear. Social issues went down to defeat, like the gay marriage issue, etc., etc....

I think we are more than center right - we are still to conservative to be tolerant of minorities.

The political philosophy of the right, is not dead. Americans just have had enough of the lies and illegalities.

If Americans find a conservative who they think is reasonable, they will elect them.

Hopefully (I'm confident) that excludes BIMBOS like Palin, and other intolerant, bigoted, racists.

To please me, we still need to weed out some of the BIMBOS on the left like, Pelosi and Reid.

I feel much better about the government today.

an average patriot said...

People woke up to the rights underhanded game playing childish lies as I was hoping they would.
I am stunned to hear calls that Palin be the leader of the new Republican party and run for President in 2012.
I mean WTF they can't be that friggen stupid? I guess the new Fascist American party is not dead!

Dave Dubya said...

It's time to call the GOP for what it really stands for, and what it is not.

It ain't God's Own Party.

It's Greed Over People, and Governance Of Perfidy, and...You get the idea.

an average patriot said...

They can't figure out Obama or why they lost! They do not understand honesty and Charisma! Obama is a leader and just what we need. He will do well!
The right is already up to their dirty tricks trying to find ways to counter and stop his agenda to help average Americans and rebuild our America.
It will continue to burn them until they figure out we are screwed and must unite to save our America. Bush’s is going to die I hope thanks to Obama!

Pagan Sphinx said...

We have a chance. I so hope it's not blown.

I can't even believe our good fortune to have had the opportunity to elect a candidate like Barack Obama.

I hope the nation is patient. It's gonna take so much work. At least now I feel some confidence that an intelligent man will create a cabinet of men and women who will help get this nation out of the hole it's in. And he is articulate and I can stand to watch him speak on TV without cringing. Further, I understand what he's saying!

And isn't Karl Rove the biggest arse that ever called itself Republican? Ugh.

an average patriot said...

Rove is responsible for getting the scum Bush elected. You can have faith in Obama he will not disappoint! Right now his team is preparing to start getting rid of Bush's mis legacy by turning around 200 of his worst offenses. That is just a start!

David G said...

Folks, Obama is only one man and he's not Jesus Christ!

The American people, those who are concerned about their country, have to get up off their asses and help (present company excepted).

They have to agitate, protest, march, etc, or they'll find the republicans will steal the show again!

betmo said...

david, i was thinking more along the lines of getting involved. pick an issue and work on it in your own community. voting and elections for example. if more people got involved with volunteering and pushing for change at the ballot box, we wouldn't have to sit biting our nails wondering if the republicans were going to steal another election. that's what i intend to do. i think folks are just relieved to have someone with an actual brain leading the way that they are expressing themselves accordingly. i know a large portion of the folks who comment here were late obama supporters. most americans are under no illusion that he will be able to wipe the slate clean- but are happy that our supreme court won't be packed with scalias and alitos and roberts.