Tuesday, November 11, 2008

olbermann says it well


Fran said...

How do people not see gay marriage as an equal right?

It was such a volatile issue in Oregon a few years ago when we voted on it.
Those opposed & litlgating were out of state people, special interest groups & they used distorted "faith" based tactics.

I tried looking it up on the internets yesterday, but hard to find current info... looks like 30 states now have gay marriage bans? Arkansas just passed an even uglier law- prohibiting gay couples to adopt children.

Hate is not a family value.

This matter is going to have to be resolved on the Federal level- ie the Supreme Court, to ensure equal rights.

Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

I know gay marriage is an issue in the USA and in France, the Green Party is trying - not much success till now - to make it an issue here.

Still, the idea to give legal marriage status to people of the same sex is very strange.

I mean for thousands of years marriage in any kind of society has been an organization to raise children and make them fit for adult life.

This "gay marriage" as you call it is something new, totally new. I wonder where it leads us all, in the long run.

I mean is this only a side line to give homosexuals the possibility to achieve legal marriage status and adopt children or is this one step more to decadence and self destruction of the Western World.

This should be examined carefully.


betmo said...

bonjour georg!!! marriage has been a vehicle for raising families and it has also been a vehicle for arranging alliances amongst royalty and other political factions. not to mention the arranged marriages in order to maintain wealth amongst certain monied families. my thought is- marriage isn't simply about procreation and it is simplistic for the religious right in america to try and portray it as such.

in modern times, procreation isn't necessary. my husband and i are a heterosexual, athiest couple who have deliberately decided not to have children. my personal thought is that we should not care one whit what kind of sex goes on in someone else's bedroom and what other reason is there to deny gay couples the opportunity to marry? many gay couples have lived together for years and raised families and have not impacted my way of life at all. why should i believe that the fortunate ones who recently married- would have any impact?

in america, at least, it is the christians primarily who are leading the morality charge- which i find beyond ironic as wave after wave of sex scandals emerged over the last decade and corruption scandals as well- from high up church officials in many denominations. hypocrisy- know thy name.

Annie said...

too funny...again. i like how you think, betmo! (see my blog)

an average patriot said...

I agree with him 100%. It just blows me away that Mormons and others were againdt gay marriage. I do not get it! I am hetero but I do not get it! We gave them a right that should be theres and then took it back. That is so screwed!

Pagan Sphinx said...

I just want to add that marriage also offers couples certain legal protections and benefits that have nothing to do with children. And many gay couples do wish to adopt or may already have children.

Thanks for this, Bet. I put up the same video on my blog plus another one of the protest in LA.