Wednesday, November 05, 2008

my two cents

there is much chatter from our world neighbors about america's recent election. and i know that thousands of flag waving americans and a nationalistic style speech from the president-elect is the last thing you want to hear- but please, bear with us.

I feel compelled to say a word to the world right now- or as much of the world as I reach :) most of the world is watching right now- at least the western world is and most likely parts of the world that we have throughly screwed over the last 8 years or more. Our neighbors to the north and south are looking and, if I may be so bold to say, they are probably breathing a sigh of relief as big as ours'. Look- there is a fair amount of us who get it. We know that nationalistic jingo isn't going to cut it- and flag waving rah, rahs bring about flashbacks in the minds of many as bushco stole the country for 2 terms. We know. But we need a moment.

Many of us were afraid to admit that we were afraid. We were grimly determined to have our vote count and we desperately wanted to simply wrest control out of the hands of the neo cons in order to give ourselves some breathing room to work. Many americans voted but the number who really see what is at stake are still few. We get that too. But we have to start somewhere. Barack Obama is not a savior- in fact, many of us did not initially support him. My personal belief is that he is too right leaning for me- but he has been our best chance to create an atmosphere of change quickly. Large masses of people move slowly and americans are not known for embracing change. Obama appeals to change. He inspires people and that right there is the singularly most important thing we needed to jump start the movement.

We have an uphill climb to combat just about everything. We still have the war against neo con ideology to wage- they won't go away and there are millions of americans who subscribe to their ideology. They will continue to work against the progressives as we have seen in this election alone. There is much work to do to repair our relationships with our fellow world neighbors- and I hope that this is humbly done through diplomacy. And I know that bloggers will continue to reach out to one another and keep each other honest and informed.

But we needed-- as a country who voted for a man- from both sides of the current political spectrum- a moment. Obama has half a country of right wingers, many who abandoned their own party and crossed over- who probably feel a bit bereft right now- and they needed the moment. The moment to feel a part of something bigger than themselves or the party. We will get ourselves together- and I really feel that we will begin the fight (for that's what it will be) to become a far different country. We have been slapped in the face with reality- and that in and of itself changed the way americans look at the world. Humble pie is only the start. We pissed off most of the rest of the globe- and the rank and file americans feel this acutely. Please, bear with us and accept the apologies of those of us who get it. We'll get there but modifying generations of america is number 1- takes some time.


Georg said...

Hallo Betmo,

That is certainly a great moment for all of you.

All I can hope for is that all those people who voted for a change now don't think all these changes they are looking for will come in the next weeks or months.

As it took eight years to create the present mess, it could well take ten or more to set things straight.


betmo said...

bonjour georg!!! i hope so too :) i have a feeling that most realize that we are in for the long haul. and obama also hammered that point home over the last few weeks.

David G said...

Great post, Betmo. I'm so proud of you and the many other Americans like you.

I feel hope now, although it is small. Good luck with the challenges ahead.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

yep - doing the happy dance here in california!
I like the little photo you use as the thumbnail.