Friday, November 14, 2008

more musing using my 'right' brain

i know why the right wing pundits keep insisting that america is a 'center right nation'- it's because they mistakenly believe that the vast geography of the flyover states equates to where the people are. the most populous and therefore, the most populist, states are blue- or varying degrees of purple. we are not a conservative nation- we are a nation with people who want to be able to like their neighbors and have all of us live together with true equality and civil liberties. as a whole, it is a very small percentage of the population who are bigoted, racist, small minded and fearful enough to vote rethuglican. at least for the current incarnation of the rethuglican party. but, have no fear- the right intends to re-invent itself- polish up that tarnished brand, if you will. uh huh. tim pawlenty of virginia thinks that the rethugs should join the 21st century and actually talk about issues that people care about. huh. imagine that. of course, you have the pat buchanans who still live in the nixon administration- so it should make for an interesting tennis match.

here's the power group you should keep you eyes on- forget the congress for now- they won't have a shot at anything for a long time-

"South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford was voted RGA chairman, taking over the top job from Texas Gov. Rick Perry who will now serve as finance chairman. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour is vice-chairman, while Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will serve as chair for the annual RGA gala, and Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue will head up the recruitment effort.

Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle, Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will also sit on the RGA’s executive committee. […]"

note- bible spice is so last election. she hitched her wagon to the outgoing face of the rethuglican party and well, with the senate race in alaska looking grimer and grimer for her- mercifully, i think we have seen almost the last of caribou barbie. the best she can hope for is a congressional seat someday.

but don't think you'll hear about it on the 'liberal media' shows- turns out they aren't really so liberal. surprise, surprise.


Time said...

Pawlenty is Gov. of Minnesota. He is my Gov.

He ran on the typical Republican chant of "No New Taxes."

Minnesota is now deep in debt, with our roads and bridges falling apart. We have no money for highway salt, a necessity for Minnesota Winters.

He has vetoed any tax hikes, except the ! dollar per pack of ciggs. He called that a fee, not a tax.

That money goes into the general fund, not some health fund. So when does a minority (20% of Minnesotans smoke) pay for the bills of the majority?

Truly a Carl Rove student.

By the way, the 35W bridge has been rebuilt, and has been open for months. A good example of what government and taxes are good for.

The investigation found that the bridge was defective from the day it was built 40 years ago, and could have failed anytime.

Minnesotans wonder why that defect wasn't found out in the over 100 inspections that have been done on the bridge in the last 40 years. Another example of the incompetence of government.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"Palin left out of RGA leadership.»"
It would appear a snub, but I fear she was pulled aside and reassured she had a place at the table, with more seasoning.

"mercifully, i think we have seen almost the last of caribou barbie. "
I hope you're right, but the goofy bitch can draw crowds, albeit of the lynch mob mentality. But their vote counts as much as ours...(:

Sachiko said...

Hi Betmo,

I think you make an excellent point about how the most populace states are the blue ones. On the other hand though, don't the less populace states have less electoral college votes as well? Also, if you look at the popular vote, the result is always fairly close.

Anyway, I just realised today when I added another blog to my blogroll that I'd neglected to add your's! I am very sorry, but it's fixed now. :-)

Naj said...

actually making a map of true colors of Us would be so easy. NYT has attempted it; but i would just take every little county on the map and assign it the number of people who voted blue and those who voted red. Then place a circle, whose diameter is proportional to the size of vote.

This will disambiguate the repundits.

David G said...

Great post, Betmo! It's interesting to see the washup from the election, see Sarah on all the television shows! Didn't she lose?

It's great to see you back in there punching away. We who care must do what we can.