Wednesday, November 12, 2008

memo falls on deaf ears

i have been reading and listening to pundits lately- i know, i know but i can't help myself. it's like rubbernecking at an accident scene. i would love to gloat and feel outright glee at the rethuglican's demise- but i know better. these folks are not grounded in reality- they live in their own- and they firmly believe that they should be the ruling class to rule as THEY see fit- because they know better doncha know. and they don't listen to anyone else.

now, i am not a fan of chris matthews- he talks waaayyyy too much on hardball- but damn it- he has been doing his darnedest to convince the rethugs on his show that it wasn't the economy or mis steps in the campaigns that cost them the election- it was their entire message. and they want to reinvent the republican brand- whatever the hell that means. they don't understand that they actually have to stand for something of substance and mean it. the hollow ring of 'family values' and 'fiscal conservatism' just isn't resonating with folks in reality. besides, it is evident that the sex and corruption scandal ridden gop doesn't even believe in its own message. folks can only take so much hypocrisy- even on the right. (unless you are a sarah palinista)

so, here's my memo to the rethuglican party- change your platform and people might consider voting for you. oh, and a few fyis-

americans are americans- you have not cornered the market on 'family values'. i, for example, live in suburbia, am a white, hetero, married woman who has deliberately decided not to procreate (and hubby is on board with that) and loves the constitution. gay folks will not impact your life in any meaningful way- and they would live their own lives quite happily if you butted out and minded your own business.

this is not a christian nation- it is secular. if you want a christian nation, get one of the southern states- or alaska- to secede and start your own. americans are so not interested in your bullshit with creationism, prejudiced behavior against lgbt folks, misogyny, and all around attempts to force your hatred and biases on the public at large. and the race baiting and fear mongering went out with bush's first term.

you may want to try not being corrupt and lying, cheating, stealing, and fucking your way into 'winning' elections. just a thought. people are more than tired of you standing up and praying to god on stage and then going backstage and getting a blow job from a hooker. fyi. and the voter suppression, voter intimidation, voter misinformation, vote challenges in court, flip flopping diebold machines- yeah- the rest of us are on to you. if you can't win fair and square on platform- you don't deserve to win the election. that's life. if you can't win by number of votes cast for you- hey, i don't know what to tell ya.

i know, reality is a harsh mistress but if you are going to attempt to resurrect the gop- you may want to go totally all out and actually visit her once in awhile. because the reality is- people don't want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer. they don't want the largest portion of wealth in this country to be in the hands of 1% of the population. they want to be able to have a job that fulfills them- and the means to take care of their families. unbridled capitalism ain't doing it- and people are not interested in the cold war words you are attempting to fear monger with. overall- even rank and file republicans want to feel safe and pursue happiness. when you run on a platform of ugly fear- you aren't going to get many takers.

except the bigoted, ignorant swath of palinistas who string up nooses and attempt to kill the president. and i know that these people are not going to crawl back into the woodwork. they are going to plan and plot and claw their way back into power. they don't just go away- they get recycled. we must be ever vigilant because we have so very much more to lose this time.


Renegade Eye said...

Rich Lowry has been writing insightful advice for the GOP.

Their main premise is incorrect. It is not a right/center nation.

I won't be giving them advice.

To the progressive Democrats. Build a labor party.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"i would love to gloat and feel outright glee at the rethuglican's demise- but i know better."
I don't gloat, for we simply elected the left wing of the GOP. I do feel glee, simply because of who it was, and how they won. I've also been sending nonstop truckloads of salt out with buffers to rub it in the fresh wounds this election left, with. Kick the MFers in the balls when they're down, and make their life more miserable if possible. IOW, pretend you're a Rethug for a bit.

"now, i am not a fan of chris matthews-"
He Is.
Haven't tuned him in for over two years. Ditto the mirror image of Billo.

"they want to reinvent the republican brand- whatever the hell that means."
Fundamentalism, honey! They know they need to repackage it in order for it to sell.

"they don't understand that they actually have to stand for something of substance and mean it"
Take my word for it - they stand for something, and have stood for something for decades - God in the west wing!! That's ALL that matters to them. Family values, all this other horseshit is simply diversions.