Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i am still a bit speechless

hubby and i had made up our minds to not really check in much throughout the night- we figured polls around the country would be closing up by midnight- we would just check in with jon stewart and stephen colbert at 11 pm est. and watch their schtick. earlier in the night- there was absolutely nothing on- even on cable- and i wound up flipping over to msnbc- i figured may as well hang out with keith and rachel- and even chris :) let's just say, it was a bit nerve wracking because images of the 2000 and 2004 (s)elections were replaying and i asked mr. betmo what it was i was going to do if mccain/palin succeeded in stealing enough votes away.

that's what scares me my friends. :) we must continue to be vigilant. there are 2 1/2 months left for bushco before president obama is sworn in. they are already working around the clock to make things difficult and as permanent as they can before they leave the white house (if). we must be the change we seek. we must continue to work towards not just rebuilding this country as it was- but making it better. we have the opportunity. we must take it. we must fix the wrongs and continue to reach out to each other because as this planet fails, we will need each other more than ever.

so, imagine my surprise as we are watching stewart and colbert do their thing- and the look of shock on their faces as jon got serious all of a sudden and i really thought he was kidding- he said- barack obama is the president elect. i was speechless. hubby and i just sat there and looked at each other and went to msnbc and they were saying the same thing. relief washed over me. the repubs had not been able to steal the election this time.

however, having said that- people like michelle bachmann are still in office. we got rid of dole but there are still many rethugs that are in our public offices. we must continue to be involved in our local, state and congressional representation. we must continue to write, call, email, etc. even visit the offices of- our elected representatives. this election was a smackdown but they believe that we will settle back in and forget. we cannot. we must hold them accountable. and we must vote them out- dem or repub- if they are not truly representing us. for 8 years i was without a president. in no way did bushco represent me or the best interests of this country- or the world. the congress, as a whole, did not represent me. i am lucky that i have chuck shumer, hillary clinton, and maurice hinchey that do represent me. and i will continue to press them to hold them accountable.

let us take a brief moment to let the relief and joy wash over us and renew us. but make no mistake- there is much work to be done. president obama said so too.


fjb said...

An employer has to be ever vigilant of those who work for them. We must never forget that in democratic societies those we elect are nothing more than our employees. We hire 'em, we can fire 'em.

Dave Dubya said...

You are so lucky to have Stewart be the one to give you the news

Sewmouse said...

I've been lucky in having had Senators Obama and Durbin represent me, although my congresscritter is a vast disappointment.

I'm even luckier now - as MY senator is now my President Elect.

I've had e-mail conversations with his senatorial office over the last couple of years and even when he has not agreed with me, his staff's responses show that not only are my concerns read, they are addressed and that they will be kept in mind.

President Elect Obama in his victory speech said he would listen, even if he disagreed - and I believe this. A country with billions of people cannot possibly EVER have 100% agreement (There's always ONE GUY...) - but to know that the leaders are aware of your concerns and take them seriously is a great comfort to me.