Monday, November 03, 2008

before i get too into the google reader...

i have to have some tea and reflect on just what i can write that will pass muster for the peace tree tomorrow. in the meantime, here's some interesting news coming out of mcclatchy (it's hit or miss these days but i guess it's fair and balanced):

reid says stevens cannot serve- ok, not mcclatchy but will be good news if 1) they follow through and 2) palin wasn't promised his seat

alaska looks at geothermal energy from volcano- did anyone clue the palins in? or is that why sarah said she ain't goin' back- no way no how!

whew! bullet dodged for an appeal on this one- stevens juror left trial and lied to judge- not to be rude- but she sounds crazier than a shit house rat- and he definintely could have appealed on those grounds.

oh- see- that's not the way to kick off your run for 2012 - pissing off the propaganda machine- but it was just megyn kelly. it isn't like pissing off letterman. she just isn't that smart :)


Renegade Eye said...

I don't see a political future for Palin. She will be her genrations Phyllis Schaffley.

I'll go out on a limb and predict Obama wins.

landsker said...

It surely has to be O`Bama, but I reckon that within a few days the dollar exchange/stock markets will show the future in a more accurate light.
Or maybe the militaries will set off a few celebratory bangs.